Grounding: Is A Simple, Yet Dynamic Tool

Man grounding himself using 4Q Boundaries tool

Release Your Body’s Unwanted Energy Charges

Learn More About Grounding and Its Impact on Your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health

And See Why It’s a Simple as Discharging Static Electricity

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What Is Grounding?

Have you ever doubted yourself or followed someone else’s lead knowing that you shouldn’t? Maybe you’ve felt “off” or confused and struggled to figure out why? Do you find yourself dreaming about your life’s potential? Do you find yourself dwelling on the past? Is it difficult to focus on the present moment? Does your energy feel off? Like you are “over” or “under” charged.

Allow me to introduce you to grounding.

Many of us have heard of the term “grounding,” and many of us believe we are familiar with it. It is often thrown around in phrases such as “being grounded,” “feeling grounded,” or “feeling centered.” At the same time, if you were to ask five different people to define grounding, you would likely get five different answers. 

What if you ask these same five people about the practical applications of grounding? Questions such as, “How does your grounding affect you when you are in a large group of strangers? Or, “How does grounding affect you in a moment of embarrassment?” It’s more than likely the answers you receive will be even more varied. 

Grounding is using one’s awareness to determine how well one connects to the planet’s center. Grounding relates to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies within us. The ability to release foreign energy from various spaces within oneself is critical to the process. Grounding directly relates to your personal power, boundaries, and self-esteem—the conscious and deliberate steps you take toward achieving your dreams. It is that simple.

Okay, So How Does Grounding Work?

Let’s take me as an example as I sit here at this moment, writing this post. My grounding cord is that cord is connected to my physical body. At the same time, looking at my emotional body, my grounding cord is not as quickly defined. It is hazy, indistinct, and doesn’t seem to be releasing energy well. When I look at my mental body, I see it as being rigid and even a little painful. Lastly, my spiritual body is grounded and well-defined.

If you’re saying to yourself, “I have no idea what that all means!” relax; that’s what we’re here to explain to . The important thing to note is that it took me about two seconds to focus my attention on myself and observe these grounding cords and the energies they emit. I’ve been practicing these methods for years now, so naturally, I’m a little bit faster at it than you may be.

Here are the two key things I want you to take away from my example.

  • First, one can only become attentive to these unconscious parts of ourselves by focusing our attention on them. And I will teach you how to focus your attention on them as I did in the example above.
  • Second, what you do with this information is entirely up to you. The next step is to make a decision, a plan of action, and do something. Alternatively, you can let the information slip back into your unconscious and do nothing with it. Either way, the choice is yours and yours alone.

This Is 4Q Boundaries

What I just outlined above is just an example of what we seek to explore at Spiritual Mandate. In simplest terms, our goal is to make the unconscious conscious. Aside from grounding, you will develop the tools you need to change your energy levels to optimize your life. Meditation is at the core of everything we do at 4Q Boundaries and the key to consciousness development.

Let’s briefly return to my model above to give an example of how this can help you.

This is exactly what I do and what I will teach you how to do as well:

  1. I take a moment to examine my energies.
  2. I shift my focus from the outside environment inwards.
  3. I become conscious of the haziness of my emotional body and the rigidness of my mental body.
  4. I relax while keeping my attention on these two areas.
  5. I try to see if grounding changes either space.
  6. If they do not, I then turn to the color of the grounding cord to see if that helps.
  7. And if that doesn’t, I open my mediation toolbox. There I have many instruments I can use to release the foreign energies I wish to be free.

This Is Just The Beginning

Remember, as a 4Q Boundaries member, you are embarking on a journey to learn how to better identify the energies within you. It will not happen overnight, and it will take a conscious effort on your part to achieve success. But it will happen, I promise you.

Becoming more conscious of the unconscious parts of you will be an exciting and enlightening adventure. You will be learning how to flex your energetic power muscles!

Give yourself credit: you took the first step by taking action, coming here, and reading this. You have decided to learn about yourself through personal observation, and this alone is very different from what society teaches us. You could have read a self-help book or defined yourself based on others’ opinions, but you didn’t.

You made a choice.

You decided to be different.

You decided to be powerful.

You decided on positive energy.

Welcome to 4Q Boundaries.

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