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To help boost your certainty in building and maintaining your healthy boundaries, it is recommended that you listen to an audio daily, even if it’s only a 5-minute exercise audio. This will help reinforce how the tool works, as well as remind you that the tool is there for you throughout your day. Remember, each tool is designed to help you release negative stimuli.

Stay Conscious to Your Boundaries Throughout the Day

4Q Boundaries’ goal is to teach you to stay conscious to your boundaries throughout the day. The tools taught in each lesson help you define your boundaries and release stimuli that is impacting them. The audios teach us new ways of exploring our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual boundaries. We also use them to help strengthen our consciousness to those boundaries.

As you may have experienced in the past, when someone begins to build healthy boundaries and they want to enhance their awareness inwards, it can be difficult. They may fall asleep or get distracted. By listening to an audio, you are bringing your awareness back to the present moment.

Listen to the Audios Anywhere, Anytime

The great thing about using the audio is that you can listen to them from anywhere you have cell phone reception. So if you are too stimulated to sit and close your eyes while you listen, don’t. You can do other things.

For example:

  • While you are doing some physical activity like walking, running, exercising, etc., pay attention to your grounding cord. Notice if you can do a physical activity with your eyes open while being conscious of your grounding cord.

  • While having conversations with others, can you be conscious of your grounding cord?

  • When going to bed and upon waking, notice if you have a grounding cord. Create a new one or recreate the one you have if you so choose.

Make Grounding a Fun Experience

Be playful and don’t make grounding a serious experience. The more you can make this a fun experience, the more fun you will have.

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