What Does It Mean to Bring the Unconscious Conscious?

A man meditates to bring his unconscious conscious.

We Know It’s a Great Tagline, But... ​

What Does It Mean to Bring the Unconscious Conscious?​

Learn More About How Your Unconscious Thoughts Shape Your Reality​

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Your Life Is Not A Straight Line

Many people like to visualize their life as a straight line. The person is born, they live their life, and they eventually die—the beginning, middle, and end. From a distance, it’s easy to think of it this way, but the straight line disappears when you narrow your focus and start to look at your life experiences through a yearly, monthly, daily, or minute-to-minute lens. 

You may notice that your life’s progression has become much more complex. You may also discover different angles you can view it from, angles that provide a wider perspective and give greater insight if you know how to look. 

For example:  

  • What is the history of your physical health?  
  • How has your emotional and mental health changed over your lifespan?  
  • Does your spiritual relationship affect your lifestyle, or is it only an abstract thought?  
  • What type of relationship do you have with your parents, siblings, and friends? How has it changed over time, and how has this relationship influenced your lifestyle today? 
  • What type of personal boundaries did you have as a child, and how are they different today? 
  • What values do you have today, and how are they different from your childhood? 

Of course, dissecting and examining every little facet of your entire existence would be exhausting.
Indeed, just remaining mindful often proves a challenge. Thankfully, our human designs have a safety feature to ensure we don’t burn ourselves out: it’s called forgetfulness—otherwise known as becoming unconscious. 

What ends up happening is we go through our lives running off of unconscious scripts, scripts that we had no hand in creating in the first place. These scripts are the culmination of our exposure to other societal influences or influences of our friends or family, as well as how we connect and relate to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts.  

The Flaw in Our Design​

Unfortunately, there is a flaw in this design. If your life experience has been riddled with strong negative emotions such as sadness, depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, or depression, these emotions are often not adequately released. As a result, they become a part of your unconsciousness where they remain—hidden wounds that cause you to react in specific ways that you otherwise would not.

Perhaps you grew up in a strict family where everything you did was criticized. You did the best you could to live up to your parents’ standards, but you felt like you were never good enough. You got older, moved away from home, and began to realize that every time you tried to create a relationship with someone, they never lived up to your standards. In fact, no relationship you have ever had seems to satisfy your needs. 

The question is, are you truly a person that cannot be satisfied, or are you merely projecting your own experiences onto others? You might not even be consciously aware of the traumatic effect your upbringing has on you, but it does have an impact on you. And in that respect, does the notion of linearity in your life apply in this instance? Are these experiences—experiences that happened far in the past—really behind you?

Of course not. They are still a part of you, and they still have an effect on you. You might brush it off and say, “Oh, it’s in the past,” but without reconditioning your subconscious, you will never be able to truly put the event behind you. They will continue to have an impact on you—oftentimes negatively. And without taking action, they will shape your thought processes and relationships far into the future.  

So What Can We Do?​
Bring the Unconscious Conscious

Thankfully, there are tools at our disposal that can help us. And one of the most powerful tools is mediation. Meditation can help you by releasing these negative charges. It can help bring your unconsciousness to your consciousness. There, you will have the power to choose your life’s direction. Am I going to be a person who lets my childhood experiences dictate my entire life? Or will I choose and make a conscious effort to change, to not let the past affect me, to live in the current moment. To be aware.

I’m sure that you, like me, have had times when so many things are going through your head that you couldn’t even articulate a coherent thought if you tried. And if you ever take a moment to stop and analyze yourself, to ask, Why am I doing what I’m doing? you might find that your mind feels like it is clouded in a fog. 

This confusion is an everyday, natural occurrence and is a large part of what we help with here at 4Q Boundaries. We will teach you, through our training, how to go into that fog, clear it out, and give you clearer access to the information hidden beneath it. Then, you can decide what you would like to keep (a happy memory or something you feel has aided you in life) or get rid of (a negative emotion, something that is hindering you or causing trauma in some way)

Everything we teach here at 4Q Boundaries is about taking charge of your life and gaining mastery over your destiny. Where you want to go in life is entirely up to you and something you should get excited about. It should not be something you feel you have no control over. You should not feel like unseen forces are holding you back. 

Free yourself. 

Bring the unconscious conscious. 

Live your life.

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