About 4Q Boundaries​

Living has become complex. We are inundated with data instructing us how to act, live, and be. Everywhere we go, we are bombarded with this volume of information starting with our cell phone, radio, computer, and television.

Having more information does not mean we will live a healthy happy life. The problem with having so much information downloaded into our bodies is that we can become overwhelmed and lose sight of the things that truly matter to us.

One simple solution is to disconnect from the external stimuli and connect with our inner self where balance is as natural as breathing. The challenge with disconnecting is that we reside in the “real world” meaning we can’t just detach from everything in our lives. This is where 4Q Boundaries comes in.

Woman use about us page on 4Q Boundaries because she is overwhelmed and is needing help.
The missing link in defining your boundaries

Our Vision

4Q Boundaries’ vision is to create an environment for people to:

  • Have a tool that will help build conscious boundaries on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.
  • Develop a verbal skillset that empowers people to have strong personal boundaries with others and to express their needs when those boundaries are not being met.
  • Redefine themselves into the image of who they want to be versus what they have been molded into. 

Why Choose Us

4Q Boundaries provides you with a mobile training environment to boost your personal power and free yourself from the unconscious influences that affect you negatively. Here are some of our features and benefits:

  • Simple audio training to keep you awake and develop your conscious boundaries.
  • You build your own personal boundaries based on your awareness not on other’s dogma or theories.
  • A single source solution dedicated to changing dysfunctional habits and behaviors.
  • Compliments well with all types of therapies – talk, religious, emotional, physical, spiritual, ect.
  • Access to audios 24 hrs. a day / 7 days a week translating into no wait time when you need to release unwanted tension.
Limitless access to releasing tension and feeling good | 4Q Boundaries

You Have Found Us
Take Your First Step

Reading this website’s material stimulates your mental body. It is good for comparing and contrasting ideas but it is only a small part of who you are. Let us begin to unpack the various layers of you. Take your power back and begin today.