Strengthen Your Aura and Boundaries


Our meditation on your aura and boundaries begin by finding a comfortable position and closing your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, letting your body relax and sink into the present moment.

Imagine a gentle light emanating from within you, expanding outward to form a luminous bubble around your body. This is your aura, your unique energy field, reflecting your emotions, thoughts, and vitality.

Today, we’ll explore this aura and discover how to strengthen your personal boundaries. Boundaries are essential for maintaining emotional and energetic well-being, protecting your space from the influences of others, and allowing you to be your authentic self.

Through guided visualization and gentle exercises, we’ll learn to feel the edges of our aura, sense the flow of energy within and around us, and create a clear, protective boundary bubble to safeguard our personal space.

This journey will empower you to take ownership of your energy, cultivate healthier relationships, and navigate the world with greater confidence and clarity.

Are you ready to begin? Let’s embark on this exploration of your aura and boundaries.

  • Listen: Begin by focusing on the training audio. It will guide you through practices for becoming more aware of your body and internal/external stimuli. You’ll also learn a specific technique for releasing negative stimuli out of your body.
  • Do: Listen to this audio as often as you like until you feel comfortable with the concepts and techniques. Remember, this step is crucial before moving on to the exercises.
  • Notice: Pay close attention to how your body feels, what thoughts or emotions arise, and how the releasing technique affects you.
  • Listen: Explore the six different color audio playlists, each containing five unique color frequencies (30 colors total).
  • Do: Listen to each playlist five times to build your comfort level using the releasing technique with various color vibrations. This repetition strengthens your ownership of the technique and improves your present-moment awareness.
  • Notice: Observe how each color frequency resonates with you, and how your ability to release negativity changes with different colors.
  • Listen: Finally, listen to the audio that combines all 30 colors. The player is randomly set, so you can’t predict the next color, further enhancing your present-moment focus.
  • Do: Immerse yourself in the experience, noticing what you notice with each color shift. Practice releasing any negative stimuli that arise.
  • Notice: Pay close attention to how your ability to be present and release negativity evolves with the unpredictable color sequence.
  • Follow the simple 3-step process for each audio: listen, notice what you notice, and repeat.
  • Be patient and allow yourself time to integrate the techniques.
  • To combat drowsiness while learning the technique, listen to an audio with your eyes open, while walking, or doing chores.
  • Trust your intuition and focus on your personal experience.

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